HNWs: Changing the way we talk?

11 Nov 2014

Our last blog, 6 ways to get your brand global ready, talked about the importance of a consistent global presence and why business translation is really just the first step in becoming global ready. But it’s not just international brands that need to bear their customers’ language and cultural needs in mind.

Individuals right across the world are rapidly becoming more global in their outlook and it’s wealthy customers who are leading the way. The increased mobility of these HNW individuals creates specific challenges for investment banks, asset managers and luxury brands, which must now find creative language solutions that help them communicate across a wide array of mother tongues.

Today, with help from a new Barclays Wealth Insight report, The Rise of the Global Citizen, we find out more about the increased mobility of HNW investors and offer four suggestions on how to serve...

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6 ways to get your brand global ready

20 Oct 2014


Photo by Cary Bass-Deschenes used under Creative Commons

Your brand is quite possibly your company's most valuable asset.  After all, as The Economist wrote earlier this year, "Coke without the logo is just cola." 1

brandz.png According to Millward Brown, brands account for more than 30% of the stockmarket value of companies in the S&P 500 index. And a quick glance down the list of the world’s most valuable brands confirms the importance of establishing – and maintaining a global presence. Source: Millward Brown 2014 BrandZ Top 100

But once your brand’s gone global, how do you ensure consistency across multiple markets? How do you avoid the type of embarrassing blunders that have brands cancelling ad campaigns and recalling products? In short, how can you ensure your brand is global ready? Here are six areas we think every firm should focus on when taking their brand abroad.

 1. Remember...

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Amity is celebrating International Translations Day

30 Sep 2014

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Amity Communications shortlisted for GrowthAccelerator’s ‘The Brave and The Bold’ award

29 May 2014

Amity is proud to announce today that it has been shortlisted for the Market Mover award in the inaugural Brave and The Bold awards. The awards celebrate the successes of the country’s brightest and most ambitious businesses working with GrowthAccelerator to achieve their full potential.

Helen Gascoigne, Managing Director of Amity comments: "Amity is delighted to have been chosen as a finalist for this years The Brave and The Bold awards. Growth Accelerator was extremely beneficial, thanks very much to the Growth Teams for their hard work. Most importantly we owe a huge thank you to our customers who have supported our business growth and of course the amity teams who have worked so very hard to ensure our continued success."

Stephen Peacock, Director at GrowthAccelerator says, "We have been overwhelmed with the standard of entries for The Brave and The Bold awards. It is fantastic...

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7 vital ingredients of multilingual marketing content

12 May 2014


Our world is shrinking, making global citizens of us all. Technology has made it faster, cheaper and easier to connect with far flung corners of the globe and journeys that would have been ventures into the unknown just a generation ago can now be planned, researched or "virtually" experienced online.

That's great news for business brands targeting the world's consumers. According to the UN Broadband Commission, a third of the global population already has internet access and this is forecast to rise to 40% - some 3 billion people – by 2016.

But with opportunity comes obligation. Any global brand expecting to communicate with an international audience should be investing in multilingual marketing content.

Initial signs are promising, one study found that 58% of Fortune 500 companies have a multilingual website and most large companies translate at least an element of their...

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