7 tips for best practice in legal translation

20 Oct 2015

Across the globe there are hundreds of different legal systems. Even putting aside the fact that these systems use an array of different languages and codes, businesses and individuals who deal with legal documentation in multiple jurisdictions also have to deal with variations in syntax, tone and terminology.

This is why legal translation is so important – and why those looking for these services should bear in mind what makes for best practice:


A single misplaced word or comma can cost millions. Accuracy is the single most important skill in legal translation – and documents should always be proofread before delivery.

Know the laws, not just the tongues

A translator working from one jurisdiction to another must know both the target language and the legal codes of each country involved. It’s not just the legal terminology, but the culture, application and tone of...

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We are holding a breakfast briefing in collaboration with Lansons – 4th Nov

13 Oct 2015

Reaching your audience: Clearer communication for Asset Managers will help you understand the communication opportunities available to the sector.

Learn how to reach national and international audiences more creatively and create content to reach multiple international audiences whilst complying with regulatory frameworks. 

Please see further details below. To RSVP please email lansonsassetmanagement@lansons.com or sales@amitycomms.com

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Four things to avoid in legal translation

13 Oct 2015


Translating legal documentation correctly requires a highly specialist set of skills: total accuracy, in-depth knowledge of the target language and in-country legal terminology, an ability to work to very tight deadlines and a sophisticated understanding of tone and nuance.

However, there are some things that legal translations should not entail, so businesses with legal documents that need translating should keep an eye open for the most common pitfalls:

1. Just translation

‘General’ business translators and legal translators are a different breed. A mistranslated marketing document can make a brand look foolish (see 6 ways to get your brand global ready) but a mistranslated contract can cost a business millions of dollars.

Avoid traditional general translation services and always use legal sector specialists who know the legal intricacies involved, as well as the...

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Project Manager of the Year 2015

24 Sep 2015

We are delighted to announce that Tomas, our PM won the prestigious accolade of ‘Project Manager of the Year 2015’ at the Association of Translation Companies awards (ATC) held at Manchester Football Stadium.

Well done Tomas, we are very proud.

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Want to cheer on Japan this Wednesday – here are some Japanese Rugby phrases – with phonics to help

22 Sep 2015

Good luck to both teams!

Amity rugby Japan.jpg


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