6 cost-saving tips for your translation budget

16 Nov 2016

Translation may not have been something that you originally accounted for in your budget, but all of a sudden it’s become a necessity, for various reasons, and not something that you want to spend too much money on. Sound familiar?

Cost is always an important factor to consider before undertaking a translation project, especially when budgets are tight and senior management question your spend, however these 6 tips will help you shave money off your total budget and still result in a high-quality translation. Meaning you can get the most out of your translation as well as getting the most value for your business.

From our expert knowledge and many years’ of experience in the localisation industry, we’ve partnered with Capita Translation and Interpreting to identify 6 money-saving tips to help you make the most of your translation spend and help to keep your project within your translation budget.