Transcription & interpreting that gets straight to the point.

transcription & interpreting services

Global connectivity has plenty of benefits but it presents some challenges too. What happens when a court witness speaks Thai? How do you interpret the contribution a Tagalog speaker made to your market research survey? We have transcription and interpreting experience in over 100 languages that can help.

Understand the global village

We can provide fast access to interpreters who are used to dealing with complex scenarios. Many of our clients operate in the financial or legal sectors so we understand the terminology and recognise the need for absolute confidentiality and accuracy.

Let people be heard

It's easy to miss the nuances of what people are really trying to say when you don’t speak their language. We have years of experience producing transcription and interpreting for market research, helping researchers understand what a certain segment of their customers want or how an individual might respond to a trial medication. For us, it's about giving people a voice and staying true to their message.

Why use amity's transcription and interpreting services:

  • All of our interpreters meet rigorous standards and are members of the ITI, ATC and/or EUATC.
  • We provide simultaneous interpretation or whispering as well as a range of equipment including booths and headphones matched to your needs.
  • For transcriptions, we work with most digital audio files including MP3, WAV, DVF, MSV and DSS and provide these services for legal depositions and transcripts, market research interviews, business meetings with multiple attendees.