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Translation Services

Our team of professional translation experts translate millions of words each year for clients, large and small, the world over. Our business translation services are trusted by firms in the most complex of sectors who come to us for all their multilingual needs, not just because they value our attention to detail but because we make it our business to understand the whole company, its products, working groups and future needs.

Quality control at every step

As a translation agency our reputation depends on the quality of our translation, so we employ rigorous selection criteria that ensures our translation experts are not just experienced linguists, but sector specialists who meet our clients' high quality translation standards.

Our mulitilingual project managers pay real attention to detail. For example, not only do we analyse source files at the project outset, we consider the whole project lifecycle and what our contribution means to it. This is an advantage that sets us apart from other agencies and ensures that your final product will be correct, ensuring not only language accuracy, but document readiness for the next stage in your production process.

All of our translation experts are:

  • Handpicked for your specific business translation needs. We'll match your document translation project with an expert who understands your sector, your marketing brochures to a multilingual copywriter, and ensure that your website translation project incorporates SEO specialists.
  • Native speakers who understand your target market and can offer first-hand advice on industry-specific terminology.
  • Qualified in professional translation with at least 3 years experience.

Maximum value for your business

Hopefully, the initial language translation services you receive from amity will be just the beginning of the value we drive for your business. Short-term projects are crucial, but we also help you build long-term reusable translations, saving you money in the future and helping to ensure communication consistency. We'll use our international marketing experience, combined with intelligent use of technology, to help you:

  • Achieve consistency across multiple documents and translation projects.
  • Never pay to translate the same word twice.
  • Save time and money on document translation, both now and in the future.
  • Re-purpose content imaginatively for multiple international markets.

What does amity’s business translation service offer?

Right now, you're in search of a high quality professional translation service, but we'll make sure that you enjoy the benefits of doing business with us well into the future.