Market Research Sector

Our years of experience as a specialist translator to the market research industry means that we know what it takes to manage a multilingual market research project. Our translation for market research combines the skills of qualified translation experts with state of the art technology to offer you competitive rates that cut the costs of multilingual document management whilst delivering improved speed and accuracy.

Our Market Research Process

  • Consult
  • Translate
  • Proofread
  • Quality Check
  • Code
  • Data Entry
  • Collaborate
  • Automate
  • Distribute
  • Optimise

Our linguists translate, proofread, analyse and transcribe solely within their mother tongue and specialist sector.

Every market research project is assigned to both a commercial representative and a dedicated project manager to ensure consistency of terminology, style and formatting.

  • We offer specialist teams, hand-picked for specific sectors and market research methodologies.
  • Our experts are experienced in full survey translation, open ended, back translation, focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  • We can provide content analysis (IDIs and Grouped) and full transcriptions (1-2-1 and focus groups).
  • We can support coding and data entry, and can provide documents in a range of formats including .CSV, Ascribe and proprietary software.
  • We support moderation of on-line forums and discussion groups (written and spoken).
  • We offer proofreading & editing (back-checking of locally completed translations).

So successful has the results of our translation been, that our market research clients recommend us and we often end up working directly with the medical and luxury retail brands we have produced research for.